Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Wrong way



Yet again the safe option was chosen.  This is why I like to show all the concepts I submit.


Out of control

Note that the law enforcement van mutated into an ambulance as it was confirmed that EMS were pelted with bottles while trying to assist victims. Disgraceful.




Safety drive


Demands of the job


Crisis? what water crisis?


Bad sign

I was told to work on two topics and of course the safe, local one was chosen for publication. See earlier cartoon on the badly designed signboard.  I thought the first Mapisa-Nqakula concept was much stronger and I even submitted an updated concept later the following week but this too didn't make the cut. Some ideas are just meant to die alone and unloved.


contractor crackdown


Someone needs to be fired


ANC's a crowd




Party wrecker


Roadworks ahead maybe


Frozen funds


Dishonourable members


Grounds for complaint