Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The final nail

Getting the chop

Bucking the system

Easter road safety

Billboard blaps

Toothless watchdog ?

What a skate !

Undercover cops

A bridge too far

A burning question

School report

Bunker banker

Ace in a hole

ANC dirty washing

Do good or Duarte

This cartoon is a take on ANC deputy secretary tearing a strip off a journalist at a media briefing.

The last laugh

This is based on an April Fool's day story published in the Daily Dispatch.  The premise of the story was that a great white shark was rehabilitated at the EL Aquarium.  Supposedly it developed a taste for fried chicken. When it was released, it harassed bathers covered in suntan oil and the release caused a public outrage.  Apparently a lot of the readers were taken in and the editor decided it warranted a cartoon.

Signs for desperate times

10% for Free state